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Over 50 Years Of Experience On Your Team. 24/7 Legal Help.

Spodek Law Group is focused on providing the highest level possible, of service, and results, for our clients. If you’re facing a divorce/matrimonial/family law issue, we encourage you to contact us for a risk free consultation. Nothing is more difficult than potentially facing a divorce/matrimonial issue, and not knowing where to turn. If your spouse is in control of the finances, or if you’re unsure on how to protect your children from an abusive spouse – the Spodek Law Group is here to help.

We have experience handling some of the toughest divorce cases, and are ready to share our experience with you. With 1000’s of divorce and family law cases handled by our firm, we understand how to handle complicated situations.

Don’t trust an amateur law firm

It’s simple. Your future is at risk. You have to make sure you make the right decisions so you, and your children, are protected. Divorce can amicable, or at the very least – not painful, if you hire a divorce attorney who has experience, and knows how to handle complicated situations.

The Right Divorce Lawyer Matters

  • Guard Your Future

    If you have children, hiring the right NYC divorce attorney can be super important. Hiring the wrong attorney can mean your children have no safety-net, and are not financially safeguarded.

  • Your Future Finances

    Some spouses will try to shield their finances in order to prevent the other spouse from getting their fair share. If you don’t get what is rightfully yours, it could impact your future happiness.

  • You Deserve Justice

    If your spouse has been violent or abusive, you deserve justice and legal help. Even if you can’t afford a divorce lawyer, we can help you with a flexible payment plan.

Our Philosophy And Who We Are

The Spodek Law Group is a reputable and top rated NYC divorce law firm. If you’re in need of a divorce and family law attorney, we can help. There is no need to keep looking – our NYC divorce attorneys are here to help you. The #1 reason why our firm is able to get better results than other law firms is the fact we treat you like family. Most law firms practice law – like a conveyer belt. There’s no added value, no additional service – no reason to continue working with the firm. Our practice, at Spodek Law Group – is about taking on fewer clients – but giving each client the white glove service and results they want, expect, and need, to make sure they – and their family, are well taken care of.

Ending your marriage can be one of the most difficult things ever. It takes an emotional, and financial, toll on your health. If your spouse serves you with a divorce petition, you want to speak to an NYC divorce lawyer who can help you. The attorney you hire can help you determine the best possible options for handling the situation and reaching a favorable outcome. At the Spodek Law Group, we understand how difficult a divorce can be. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible representation. When you work with us, we approach the situation by understanding your objectives, and creating a strategy to help you achieve that. As your NYC divorce attorney, the Spodek Law Group has over 40 years of combined experience providing individualized legal representation for each and every client we represent.

As a skilled negotiator and trial attorney, Todd Spodek is one of the top rated New York divorce lawyers around, and isn’t afraid to go to trial if needed. If you’re looking for an attorney to fight for your rights, the Spodek Law group is here to help you. Our team of NYC divorce attorneys is persuasive, and eloquent, inside, and outside of court. We make ourselves available 24/7 to help you get a risk free consultation.  Our belief is that while it’s best to settle your case through negotiations, it’s critical that you not avoid adversity. Not every marriage will end successfully, statistics show that divorces are going up, more and more marriages are ending early. When you’re involved in a situation like this, it’s critical you hire the very best NYC divorce attorney.

Divorce is not an easy experience. Many divorces escalate beyond the point of negotiation – and require litigation. If this happens, you want to make sure the NYC divorce lawyer you’ve hired can litigate your divorce in family court. It’s probable that your spouse will hire their own legal attorneys as well. As a result, you should do the same. The divorce process will begin when one, or both spouses, send a divorce petition to the family courts. The petition will be served by a process server to the other spouse, which provides them with an opportunity to respond. If the other spouse refuses to respond, or is unable to be served, it can change the process. In some instances, an NYC family court judge will grant a judgement in favor of the petitioner, and grant the divorce even if the other spouse is unresponsive. Our NYC divorce lawyers recognize the emotional aspects of divorces, and we are here to help our clients with the assistance they need. We do not give cookie cutter advice.

The divorce process in NY is simple, yet can be complicated by either spouse. The best way to learn how to handle this complicated process is speaking to the Spodek Law Group. Our firm has handled thousands of family and divorce law matters. We handle each client, by create a unique strategy rooted in years of experience, and refusing to take shortcuts. We have knowledge in all areas of NY family and judicial law, with an emphasis on helping clients prepare for all outcomes that might arise.


Todd Spodek - Nationally Recognized Divorce Lawyer

Todd Spodek - Founding Partner, Award Winning Lawyer

Todd Spodek is a top rated NYC divorce lawyer. The Spodek Law Group has experience handling some of the most contentious divorce and family law claims. If you are looking for a white glove approach to the law, the Spodek Law Group is here to assist you.

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Our Divorce Lawyers in NYC Can Help You

Regardless of the situation, mediation is always a possibility when it comes to divorce. You don’t need to end your marriage with a court battle if you and your spouse are willing to negotiate. Mediation is one of the best alternative dispute resolutions for divorces in NYC. The process of mediation requires a 3rd party mediator, typically a family law attorney, who doesn’t have a conflict of interest. This mediation will act as someone who oversees the negotiations. Their job is to keep the conversation on the end-goal, and answer legal questions. The spouses can bring their legal representatives to some, or all, of the sessions. Having an experienced NYC divorce lawyer can be extremely helpful in the divorce process.

Divorce and Mediation

When you are dealing with a divorce issue in NYC, mediation is an alternative to the traditional process. In Covid-19, divorce rates have gone up. A peaceful resolution is possible without litigation when you work with a divorce mediation service. Modern day divorces don’t have to be adversarial like they did in the past. Many marriages now end amicably, and even peacefully through divorce mediation services. Todd Spodek has been a matrimonial and divorce lawyer for many years, and is experienced not only in divorce, but also divorce mediation and family law issues for local clients. His presence provides you with the knowledge and experience to present your case and get you the outcome you need and deserve. Divorce mediation is a type of dispute resolution, and is an alternative to the more adversarial form of divorce litigation. Our NYC divorce lawyers almost always recommend divorce mediation – since it’s likely to result in an amicable split which leaves both parties walk away with their fair share of the assets. Many big issues such as parenting plans, child support, division of assets, can be handled via mediation, in addition to alimony and duration. Mediation is great for couples who don’t have the funds to conduct a lengthy – litigious – divorce. If the parents cannot agree on major issues such as child custody or alimony, then divorce mediation can be an expedited and easy process to get the divorce done fast. If you are in need of divorce mediation, our NYC divorce attorneys can help you.

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be complicated, and a high net-worth divorce is even more ocmplicated. Todd Spodek is a top rated divorce lawyer, and has experience handling some of the toughest divorces in NY. He has experience handling high net worth cases in NYC, both preparing pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements such as negotiating high stakes settlements in divorce proceedings. Todd understands that every high networth divorce case must be handled with an attention to detail. In your time of crisis, Todd is available to help you get answers to your questions. Most importantly, he is an excellent litigator who is creative and unique.  Divorce is not simple. When a marriage is dissolved, you and your spouse have to divide up your assets, categorize them, and assess appropriate value to them, and then distribute them. High net-worth divorces can be very complex. The division of marital property is one of the biggest issues in a high net worth divorce. NY is an equitable distribution state, it means that marital property will be split in a fair manner.

NYC Prenuptial Agreements

There’s many reasons why people need a prenup agreement for legitimate reasons. Marriage is a romantic endeavor, but sometimes marriages can fall apart. Having a prenup agreement is a super reasonable thing to consider and do.Your prenup agreement is in place to help two individuals ensure their private property is respected in the event the marriage falls apart. Prenup agreements are essentially waivers of rights in the event things go bad. With these agreements in place, the parties pre-decide what will happen if things go bad. In the event there is a prenup agreement in place, you don’t need to worry about your assets, or other issues. Under NY law, anything of value acquired by either party – during the marriage, is presumed to belong to both parties in equal amounts. Prenup agreements are contracts where both parties agree to various financial/property terms in the event the marriage dissolves. The content of the prenup agreement will cover things like what is marital and separate property; what is to happen if the marriage will be terminated; and what will occur in the event of the death of one spouse. The basic agreements for getting a valid prenup agreement in NY include requirements such as: the agreement has to be in writing, each party must be represent by separate counsel, it has to be duly executed, each must have the opportunity to make inquires into the other’s assets and income, the agreement must not be unconscionable, the agreement should be notarized, the agreement should be signed before the marriage happens. Your prenup agreement can protect assets like: homes, real estate, stocks, gifts, inheritance, businesses, value of academic or professional degrees, future increases in income, and other property. Prenup agreements can benefit couples, and prepare them for marriage, and provide them with long term protection. It excludes earned income and possessions from before the marriage, protecting family/business inheritance, protecting assets like business ownership, pensions, real estate interests, limiting spousal support obligations, and more.

The Spodek Law Group can handle a number of different issues for clients such as: annulments, asset division, collaborative divorce, contested divorces, high net worth divorces, legal separation, mediation, same-sex divorces, and more. Bottom line, regardless of your legal issue we are here to help you. Each side in a divorce is represented by an NYC divorce lawyer who provides legal advice and helps the client pursue a just outcome.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer NYC 

Marriage is one of the blessings that virtually everyone wants. It’s a lifelong promise to another person, and it’s a major decision. Uncontested divorce is an option which many people can pursue to handle their divorce in NY. This is less stressful, and less complicated, with the help of a NYC divorce lawyer. Uncontested divorce is when you and your spouse can agree on all the terms of the divorce. Both parties negotiate the terms of the divorce, without going through the court proceedings. Our NYC uncontested divorce attorneys handle all the details of your NYC divorce, including preparing the NY state forms, and representing you. If you, and your spouse, have no property, assets, debt, etc, and there are no children, then the divorce is very simple.

Contested Divorce Lawyer NYC

If your marriage is no longer savable, you have to make a very difficult choice. You are probably considering divorce in order to create the best possible outcome for you, and your children. Divorce can be handled in several ways. If there are important issues, then filing for a contested divorce in NY may be the best option. This type of divorce can be lengthy, expensive, and could be necessary in order to protect your rights and get you what you deserve. This type of divorce is needed when both spouses disagree with each others demands, and as a result both of you will be required to appear in family court and defend yourselves. When you prepare for a contested divorce in NY, there are a number of things to consider, such as: knowing your debt, knowing your assets, etc.

Separation Agreements

Couples who want to legally separate for a variety of reasons can do so, with the help of our NYC divorce lawyers who can draft a separation agreement. The separation agreement must be signed by both parties. Couples who are getting a separation shouldn’t prepare their own agreement. They should have it drafted by an experienced separation agreement lawyer who can ensure both parties intentions and desires are protected by the agreement. Thanks to the no-faults grounds for divorce, a separation agreement has lost most of it’s value. Now, many people who get separation agreements do so for moral/religious reasons, or other reasons. While parties can remain legally married, then can qualify the terms, conditions, of the relationship into the future. Many couples may decide to enter a legal separation rather than getting a divorce if they are looking to reconcile, and don’t want to end their marriage in the future.

Post Divorce Disputes NYC

Divorce is a complicated process. Our attorneys have many years of expertise handling a variety of post-divorce disputes in New York state. Common issues included are: property division, spousal support, child support, and child custody. In some cases a marriage has ended and the divorce process has been finalized, but there are issues that arise after the divorce which create post-divorce disputes between the former spouses. Any agreements regarding modifications require both spouses to work with the court, and find an appropriate resolution/settlement. In many cases, there are issues which can cause the original divorce agreement to be no longer fair, such as: loss of a job, one of the parent’s desire to relocate for employment, one of the ex-spouses have a change in income, a change in your child’s educational/health care needs, one of the ex-spouses developing serious illness. While the issues that lead to post-divorce disputes can arise for a number of reasons, what matters is that the Spodek Law Group is here to help you. Most of the time, post-divorce disputes for nonpayment, or requests for modification of child support arise because one party is unable to meet the terms of the original agreement. Similar to how your original divorce settlement was made, you and your attorney will need to work through the court, and with your former spouse, in order to change or modify the divorce orders that the court previously approved.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Gets What In A New York Divorce?

Under NY law, courts divide martial property, and the spouses get to keep separate property. Before you file for divorce, you should consult with an NC divorce attorney who can help you – and advise you on the consequences of your divorce. Marital property includes all types of property acquired by either spouse during the marriage – regardless of who bought it. Examples of marital property include things like:

  • each spouse’s income during the marriage
  • the property bought with either spouse’s income
  • the property the couple purchased while married
  • retirement benefits each spouse earned during the marriage
  • appreciation of marital property during the marriage

In most situations divorcing couples are able to reach an agreement on property division that meets everyones needs. The courts typically encourage couples to work together collaboratively in order to decide how to split their assets and debts.

What is separate property?

Courts don’t divide separate property when a couple decides to get a divorce. Each spouse gets to keep their own separate property, except to the extent that the spouse contributed to the property’s increase in value after the marriage began. Separate property includes things like:

  • Property either spouse procured before the marriage
  • Property either spouse received individually as a gift, or inheritance, except from the other spouse
  • Compensation for personal injuries
  • Any property characterized as separate property in a valid prenup
  • Property acquired from the proceeds/appreciations of separate property, unless the appreciation is partially due to the contributions of their spouse

Is the business subject to equitable distribution?

Businesses are property the court will divide using equitable distribution in divorces. Interests in a business or career can be hard to divide. In this situation, the court will usually award the actual business or practice to the spouse who is running it, and award the other spouse property/assets to make up for the difference.

Child Custody in New York

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