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1We've handled 100's of cases

Our firm has handled 1000's of divorce and matrimony cases throughout the state of New York.

2Over 50 years of experience

Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience handling divorce cases.

3Risk free consultation

Regardless of how difficult your case is, our NYC divorce attorneys can help you.

4We handle most cases

Regardless of the type of case, we can help you with family law/matrimonial issues.

5Our attorneys win cases

Our NYC divorce lawyers work hard, and consistently get good outcomes for our clients.

6We're a top rated law firm

Todd Spodek has been seen on TV, and has handled some of the toughest cases.

Top Rated NYC Divorce Lawyers

Over 50 Years Of Experience On Your Team. 24/7 Legal Help.

Spodek Law Group is focused on providing the highest level possible, of service, and results, for our clients. If you’re facing a divorce/matrimonial/family law issue, we encourage you to contact us for a risk free consultation. Nothing is more difficult than potentially facing a divorce/matrimonial issue, and not knowing where to turn. If your spouse is in control of the finances, or if you’re unsure on how to protect your children from an abusive spouse – the Spodek Law Group is here to help.

We have experience handling some of the toughest divorce cases, and are ready to share our experience with you. With 1000’s of divorce and family law cases handled by our firm, we understand how to handle complicated situations.

Don’t trust an amateur law firm

It’s simple. Your future is at risk. You have to make sure you make the right decisions so you, and your children, are protected. Divorce can amicable, or at the very least – not painful, if you hire a divorce attorney who has experience, and knows how to handle complicated situations.

The Right Divorce Lawyer Matters

  • Guard Your Future

    If you have children, hiring the right NYC divorce attorney can be super important. Hiring the wrong attorney can mean your children have no safety-net, and are not financially safeguarded.

  • Your Future Finances

    Some spouses will try to shield their finances in order to prevent the other spouse from getting their fair share. If you don’t get what is rightfully yours, it could impact your future happiness.

  • You Deserve Justice

    If your spouse has been violent or abusive, you deserve justice and legal help. Even if you can’t afford a divorce lawyer, we can help you with a flexible payment plan.

Our Philosophy And Who We Are

The Spodek Law Group is a reputable and top rated NYC divorce law firm. If you’re in need of a divorce and family law attorney, we can help. There is no need to keep looking – our NYC divorce attorneys are here to help you. The #1 reason why our firm is able to get better results than other law firms is the fact we treat you like family. Most law firms practice law – like a conveyer belt. There’s no added value, no additional service – no reason to continue working with the firm. Our practice, at Spodek Law Group – is about taking on fewer clients – but giving each client the white glove service and results they want, expect, and need, to make sure they – and their family, are well taken care of.

Todd Spodek - Nationally Recognized Divorce Lawyer

Todd Spodek - Founding Partner, Award Winning Lawyer

Todd Spodek is a top rated NYC divorce lawyer. The Spodek Law Group has experience handling some of the most contentious divorce and family law claims. If you are looking for a white glove approach to the law, the Spodek Law Group is here to assist you.

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