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Spodek Law Group is one of the top rated divorce law firms in NYC.



There's nothing easy, or simple about divorce, but if you have the wrong divorce attorney, it can be awful. That's where Spodek Law Group is different.

Divorce is tough. There’s no easy way to say it. But if you have the WRONG divorce attorney representing you, it gets worse. That’s why the Spodek Law Group is here to represent you.

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We Handle All Aspects of Divorce / Family Law

Regardless of your family needs, our divorce attorneys are here to help you

Prenup / Postnup

We handle both prenup and postnup agreements

Family Law

We handle all types of family law issues.


Get help with all aspects of your divorce proceedings.

High Networth Divorce

We understand how complicated it can get.

Why having the NYC divorce lawyer is critical to your future

Protection - Not having a divorce attorney, or having the possible divorce lawyer, can harm your chances of getting what you deserve and protecting your rights.

Your future — depending on how your divorce proceedings go, your future, and that of your children, is at risk.

Top NYC Divorce Lawyers

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Professional divorce lawyers

Spodek Law is a top law firm, they are awesome

Lisa Trollip

service in town!

They are very detail oriented, and care about results

Jason Cole

Everything went without problems

They always answered my calls, and provided solutions

Mandy Peterson

We serve all of NYC and Long Island

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