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Bronx Alimony and Maintenance Lawyers

Alimony is an integral part of any divorce proceeding. Most of the divorce agreements that take place result in one party paying alimony to another. The term alimony refers to a monetary amount that is given to the spouse, either on a weekly or a monthly basis. The amount that needs to be paid is usually set by the court of law depending on the financial situation of both the parties, as well as the overall status of the divorce settlement.

Alimony In New York

Particularly in the state of New York, maintenance is usually in the form of durational alimony, which lasts only for a specific period of time. This period is rarely longer than the period of the marriage and is paid by the person who earns more in the relationship, and not necessarily the man only, as it traditionally used to be. Alimony has and always will be for the purpose of rehabilitation and not as a permanent solution for financial stability. Because paying alimony generally comes after a divorce proceeding, there is always a certain amount of dependency that is lost between the parties. One of the parties may not be able to situate themselves as well as the other, which is why a certain amount of maintenance to help them must be paid, which is why a fixed period is set for this.
However, there are of course certain cases in which alimony is to be granted indefinitely to the parties involved. This is generally when one member of the party is in dire financial need and is unable to support themselves, either because of some form of disability or a life-threatening condition that prevents them from being independent and working to make their own living. Sometimes, in the case where the two parties have been married for an incredibly long period of time, and are extremely old, the court can grant indefinite alimony.
The agreement can be signed behind closed doors if the parties do not want to take the matters to court, but can if the situation needs it. Lawyers from New York, who are specialized in dealing with cases involving alimony are generally the right ones to deal with this kind of cases. Going for a lawyer who is specialized with the laws of a state is a good way to ensure that you will get a good lawyer who knows the workings of the system. State-specific lawyers know the law inside out and are generally extremely well versed in an array of different parts of divorce and family law.

When Should You Get An Alimony Lawyer

Alimony lawyers are generally the best lawyers to go through when going through a divorce settlement. These are the best, especially if you are a party wanting to seek alimony, or don’t want to end up having to pay too much alimony to the person who you are seeking a divorce from. However, there are times when people feel that they need maintenance after the divorce settlement has already gone through. While it may already be a little bit too late to get alimony, it is advised to contact an alimony lawyer to see what they can do. If not too much time has elapsed, a court will be able to grant a petition for alimony.
There is absolutely no good reason why a person going through a divorce should not have an alimony lawyer by their side. It makes the process easier to go through and helps them get the right alimony agreement that they need and are comfortable paying and going through with.

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