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Family law is designed to help families with your legal needs in the Bronx. Helping families is the foundation of family laws, and this type of attorney works to help you with any sort of family law needs. From custody issues to divorce issues to prenuptial agreements to relocation attorneys, there is something for everyone in a family law environment. Family law might sound intimidating, but there are many forms of law practiced in this area that benefit families and their needs.
What is family law?
Family law offers a variety of different forms of representation. Whether your marriage is over and you are facing divorce of you simply want someone to help you handle some child custody issues or even the joyful moment you decide you’d like to adopt your stepchild, family law attorneys are here to help. There are various aspects associated with family law.
– Adoption
– Child custody
– Child support
– Father’s rights
– Enforcement
– Grandparent rights
– Guardianship
– Child visitation
– Domestic violence
– Exclusion hearings
– Foster care
– Relocation applications
There are many more things a family law attorney handles in addition to these, but these are some of the most common reasons you might need a family attorney.
Why use a family attorney?
The right to use a family attorney is up to you, but there are many reasons. The primary reason is success in court. From adoption to legal battles to custody arguments with your ex-husband or wife, there are reasons you want to have an attorney on your side. You might want to have your attorney on your side because you have something to lose. An attorney who practices family law knows how it works, what you must do, and how to handle cases as unique as yours.
Without the help of a divorce attorney during a divorce, you might not get the kind of alimony you wanted. You might not get the kind of financial help you need while you go through the process and work to get your education or work skills in order to enter the workforce after years of being home with the kids. If you don’t have a child custody attorney working for you, you might not get custody of your kids.
You can handle divorce and custody and even financial issues through the court without the help of an attorney, but it is never recommended. When you work with a family law office, there is someone who is familiar with each area of family law present to answer your questions and work with you. It’s a team of legal representatives who can help you with any area of your family law situation, and that’s what helps you win your case.
Call an Attorney
When it comes to family law, there are a lot of things that could go wrong if you’re not familiar with the law. You could unintentionally break laws within your child custody agreement by moving your kids more than 100 miles from home. You could break the law by getting married and not reporting it to your local clerk of court to stop alimony payments you were set to stop receiving upon remarriage.
Even if you just need to discuss a decision you’re making with an attorney to ensure it’s legal, you should contact a family law attorney right away to help you with whatever you need. It’s better to have the correct answers from a legal representative than to look up information anyone can put on the internet. Call today to receive the help you need for your family.

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