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Divorce proceedings are not only emotionally tasking on the couple seeking orders to end their marriage but also to their children. If you and your spouse had children, these children will no doubt be affected by the divorce. As a good father, your concern should be to shield your children from the after-effects of divorce.
Both you and your partner can agree on joint custody for your children.

However, this is not always the case especially in divorce cases where one party feels aggrieved by the other. In such a case, the aggrieved party might seek to revenge by denying the other the rights to be with his children. The law often gives custody to the mother and assigns visitation rights to the father while at the same time expecting the father to be the only party paying child support. This is an anomaly that our experienced Father’s Rights Lawyercan help correct.

Protecting the rights of fathers

The end of a marriage does not mean the end of the father-child relationship. We believe that competent fathers should be assigned the same rights as competent mothers when it comes to dealing with support, visitation and custodial issues. It is important for your attorney to focus on the child or children you had in the marriage that has just come to an end. Children form unique bonds and relationships with their mothers and fathers. The bond between mother-child is as important as the bond between father-child. Cognizant of this fact, your Father’s Rights Lawyer will work on ensuring that your rights are protected.

Why few fathers bother to fight for equal custody rights

Fathers are naturally protective of their children and would not want to expose them to gruesome custody hearings. This is partly why some fathers opt to allow mothers to become custodial parents after divorce. As a father, you can still become protective while at the same time enjoying equal rights to your children. Our father’s rights attorneys know exactly how to achieve this. Don’t give up the right to have a shared custody with your divorced wife. You can still be a great father to your kids even if you do not share the same roof with their mother.

Equal parenting is a right you deserve, this is how you can get it:

i. Don’t allow your wife to call all the shorts on how, when, where you will see your children. Document all the instances that your ex has denied you access to your children. You can then use this in court to plead your case.
ii. Hire an attorney to petition the court to assign your equal parenting time as your ex.
iii. Don’t allow the cost of battling a child custody case in court defeat your resolve to be present in your children’s lives.
iv. Be open to mediation before resorting to a full custody battle. You should only agree to a deal that allows you to have equal parenting time.
v. Fight with a clear conscious. Don’t let the opinion of naysayers dampen your resolve to be present in your children’s lives.
vi. Ensure that your new house is child-friendly and has everything needed to safely raise your kids. A social worker is likely to visit to ensure that your new home is conducive.

How an attorney can help

Our qualified father’s rights attorneys have experience in handling father’s rights issues that include:

• Paternity disputes
• Custody arrangements
• Visitation matters
• Shared custody cases
• Child support modifications

No matter the legal issue you find yourself in, our skilled father’s right lawyers are here to help you and ensure that your rights are protected. Contact us today and let us help you with your case.

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