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Obviously, you probably know that as a parent, it is your responsibility to contribute financially to the care of your children. However, matters of child support in New York State can still be complicated. If you are the custodial parent, you could be hoping to get some help with your child’s care from the non-custodial parent. If you are a non-custodial parent, you might not have a problem paying to help take care of your children, but you probably do not want to get put into a position in which you’re ordered to pay more than you can reasonably afford, either. Luckily, a Brooklyn child support lawyer from our experienced family law firm can assist you with your case, regardless of which side you fall on.

Child Support

When you think about child support, you might think about the monthly payments that you are expected to pay in order to help provide care for your children. Even though this is often a big part of the child support obligation for many non-custodial parents, this is not the only form of child support that is out there. Child support might be ordered by a judge in other ways as well. For example, you might be required to provide health insurance coverage for your child. You may also be required to pay out-of-pocket for other expenses on top of your child support payments. For example, you might be required to pay for child care expenses when your child goes to daycare, or you could be expected to contribute to some of the costs of his or her medical care.

Understanding all of these things can be tough. However, a good lawyer can sit down and talk to you about New York State laws regarding child support. Then, he or she can help determine whether your child support order is reasonable and can help ensure that you aren’t ordered to pay more than you can afford while also ensuring that you are complying with the law and helping to provide support for your kids.

Laws About Child Support in New York State

Child support laws can be a bit complicated in New York State, and they do vary from case to case. For example, the judge will look at things like your income to determine how much you are expected to pay in child support. There are percentages that are used when this number is determined; for example, if you have one child, you will be expected to pay 17 percent of your income in child support. The percentage goes up based on how many kids you have and is a minimum of 35 percent if you have five children or more. Your lawyer can talk to you a little more about this and can help you determine how much you are going to be obligated to pay.

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You

At our family law firm, we are here to help people just like you. We understand what it’s like to be going through a tough situation with child custody and child support, and we want to do what we can to make things easier for you. Our experienced attorneys work with parents in regards to matters of child support, child custody and more on a daily basis. If you work with one of our lawyers, you will not have to deal with the system on your own. Then, you can ensure that your rights are respected and that the amount of child support that you are ordered to pay is fair and reasonable.

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