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During and after a divorce, there is a payment that is often paid by one spouse to their former counterpart. This fee is called alimony. It serves to ensure that the paid spouse puts up with their normal lifestyle after the divorce. Also, the payment is intended to give the other spouse the support, training, or skills they need to become self-sufficient. In simpler terms, alimony is paid to enable one spouse to ensure that they are not suffering financial consequences if asset division and child support after the divorce has already been done. Alimony is at times referred as spousal support, and in Brooklyn, it is at times called maintenance.
Different states have their requirements and provisions on who should be eligible for maintenance. Some set ten years as the minimum number of years that a spouse should have been married to their former partner to be considered for alimony. In some states, however, the divorcee must have had limited education and work experience, in that, if they decide to return to work, it would take longer before they get back to their former lifestyle while in marriage. Maintenance law is gender sensitive and it is not only a trap for men or women to keep paying their former spouse. It provides that the partner who used to bring home more money should temporarily or permanently make payments as spousal support. Lately in Brooklyn, payers can now take a sigh of relief as they have the option to pay alimony in a lump sum as opposed making monthly payments. This helps them to avoid bad memories of their previous marriage every other month they are set to pay spousal support.
Types of Alimony in Brooklyn
There are two types of maintenance in Brooklyn, namely, temporary alimony and post-divorce alimony. Temporary or Pendente Lite kicks in when the divorce case in court is still pending, and this serves to provide the payee with cash to address their immediate financial needs. The court in Brooklyn considers the payee’s financial needs and their pre-divorce living standards. However, this immediately ends with the court’s final alimony order.
There is also the post-divorce alimony, and this takes effect after divorce. This, however, ends with one or all of the following three instances happening:

  • The death of one of the spouses
  • If the supported spouse is remarried
  • If the payee starts to live with another person as couples

How an Alimony Attorney will help
The worst thing to do when contemplating whether or not to file alimony is to rely on novice advice from your friends and relatives who may not even be lawyers. At this time, you need professional advice and counsel, and seeking the help of a renowned attorney in Brooklyn would be a wise idea. Attorneys will always provide you with objective advice, especially about your future. They will also be the contact person whenever you want any information relayed to your partner without personal contact. These lawyers will also ensure the process is without delays by filling the right documentation and providing accurate information needed to make the case water-tight. Finally, they will ensure that your pleas are accurately communicated to the court.

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