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Child support is a certain amount of money a non-custodial parent must pay weekly or monthly to support his or her children. When it comes to court, each case is different. In the state of New York, there are uniformed guidelines based on how much money the custodial parent will pay monthly. How much support that is paid is based on a certain percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income.
Many custodial parents have an irrational fear about child support. The bottom line is you shouldn’t. The courts are not attempting to gouge you. Their only goal is to make sure you pay an equitable portion to ensure that you child’s needs are met. If you have questions about child support, you should reach out to an attorney today. They can explain everything about the child support laws of New York state.
The thing that many non-custodial parents don’t seem to understand is that child support is the law of the land. One an amount has been set and you receive an order to pay, you are legally responsible. In some instances, people attempt to hide assets or ignore orders. If you do so, you will be doing it at your own peril. Child support is not a game. Whatever feelings you have for the custodial parent is insignificant. Non payment could result in you going to jail and fined. And once you fall into arrears things will only go downhill from there.
If you have receive an order to pay child support or you are divorcing and need to know more about your child support rights, contact a lawyer today. They will supply you with all the information you need about your rights as a parent. Sadly, if the marriage was difficult, it often spills over into the relationship after the divorce. Some parents wish to use their children as tools. We will do everything in our power to ensure you are treated fairly and equitably.
If you, on the other hand, are having trouble securing child support payments, you should contact an attorney. The can also put in touch with a wealth of child support resources in New York. There are federal laws that now make it easier for someone to collect child support payments. Today, in accordance with federal law, a non-custodial parent, money can be intercepted through income tax or any other federal payments.
Sadly, the person has to be hauled back into court for a judge to make matters clear to them. If the non-custodial parent feels that the amount is too much or there has been drop in income, they should let the judge know. By law, they can get their case reevaluated. If you have lost your job or no longer have the income to pay the same amount, it is up to your to report this to the court in a timely manner. Allow an experienced child support attorney to do the talking for you.
If you believe that you would benefit from a child support lawyer, it is up to you to contact one at your earliest convenience. Don’t get stuck in a situation where confusion reigns. This could bode badly for you, and you could end up suffering major consequences because of it. Pick up the phone and preserve your rights today.

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