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If you like in Brooklyn, and face any number of the more common types of legal issues people from all walks of like encounter, you may find yourself in need of a Brooklyn family lawyer. A Brooklyn family lawyer potentially deals with an array of different types of cases that are brought in New York Family Court. These include cases involving:

  • divorce
  • paternity
  • child custody
  • child support
  • child visitation
  • alimony
  • maintenance
  • legal separation

The first step in obtaining the professional services of a Brooklyn family lawyer is scheduling an initial consultation. At an initial consultation, an experienced Brooklyn family lawyer will provide an evaluation of the ins and outs of your particular type of case.

You also will have the opportunity to seek answers to any questions you might have about your legal situation. In most instances, a Brooklyn family lawyer does not charge a fee for a preliminary consult from a prospective client.

Divorce Cases

Thousands of marriages in Brooklyn, and throughout the New York City boroughs, end in divorce each year. Divorce cases range in levels of complexity. In addition, some divorce cases prove to be more contentious than others. Nonetheless, as a general rule, if you are heading to divorce court, you best protect your legal interests by retaining the professional services of a skilled, experienced Brooklyn family lawyer.

At the beginning of a divorce, there is a flurry of activity. This underscores the fact that you are best served by taking a proactive approach to hiring legal counsel, of engaging a Brooklyn family lawyer sooner rather than later.

When a divorce case commences in New York, a good amount of paperwork must be filed with the court. This includes documents that guide the course of a divorce case through to the end.

Child Custody

Even if a divorce case is otherwise not particularly contentious, if children are involved, oftentimes a marriage dissolution proceeding becomes contentious. Decisions made in a divorce case must follow a particular legal standard established by New York law. Decisions made in divorce proceedings regarding children, including child custody, must be undertaken in the best interests of the child. This includes orders from the court and agreements reached by the parties to a divorce case.

Child Visitation

The noncustodial parent has the legal right to routine and regular visitation with the child or children born during the marriage. In this day and age, many legal professionals, judges, and courts prefer the term parenting time to visitation. Parenting time is used to underscore the fact that, pursuant to New York law, a noncustodial parent should not be relegated to becoming a mere visitor if the life of his or her child or children.

Child Support

New York has established guidelines by which child support is determined in a divorce, legal separation, or paternity case. Pursuant to the guidelines, the foundation upon which child support is determined is the income of both parents. Other factors can come into play, including costs associated with daycare or with the special medical needs of a particular child. Deviations are not permitted form the guidelines, unless there exists a significant reason for such an alteration. This particularly is the case when the proposed deviation is designed to reduce the amount of child support otherwise required to be paid in a case.

Once a child support order is entered, it cannot be altered on a whim. There must be a significant change in circumstances warranting an adjustment in an existing child support obligation.

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