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Protecting Your Rights with a Skilled Brooklyn Father’s Rights Lawyer
If you are a father of a child or children heading into divorce proceedings, you likely have many questions. Your paramount concern very well may center on your rights as a father, during and after marriage dissolution proceedings.

As divorce proceedings commence, you must have a basic understanding of your legal rights. You need to appreciate how the law works in regard to a father and his children in a divorce setting. In addition, you must understand the reality that you best protect your legal rights by engaging the professional services of an experienced, tenacious Brooklyn father’s rights lawyer.

Legal Trends in Divorce and Father’s Rights

In the past, divorce laws and courts did favor women when it came to certain matters in marriage dissolution proceedings. The two primary areas in which women tended to be favored in divorce proceedings were in regard to matters pertaining to children and matters associated with money. In other words, in prior times, women tended to be favored in two of the most significant aspects of divorce proceedings.

Upon into the 1980s, alimony was awarded fairly commonly to women in divorce proceedings. In reality, women overall did have less favorable positions in regard to earning money and related issues. Thus, there existed some solid reasons in many cases why alimony was awarded with more significant frequency prior to the 1980s than is the case today.

When it came to issues in divorce cases pertaining to children, law, public policy, and the courts definitely favored women prior to the 1980s. Indeed, favoring women when it came to children in custody cases was written into the law in fairly direct ways.

By the 1980s, and certainly by the 1990s, states across the country began to actively revamp their laws to make statutes gender neutral when it came to issues like alimony and, particularly, child custody.

Although laws became gender neutral, the reality was that it took time, indeed takes time, for some courts to adapt to the idea that men have equal rights and standing in divorce proceedings when it comes to the custody of their children, and related issues.

Fathers and Parenting Time

Another trend has to move away from the concept of visitation to parenting time. A father who does not have primary custody of his child should never be relegated to the position or being a mere visitor in the life or his child or children. Hence, the development of parenting time. Ensuring that a noncustodial father obtains appropriate parenting time with his child or children is a vital concern in divorce proceedings.

Hire a Skilled Brooklyn Father’s Rights Lawyer

The first step you need to take in retaining the services of committed, experienced Brooklyn father’s rights lawyer is to schedule an initial consultation. If you are intent on fully protecting your legal rights and interests as they pertain to your child or children, you need to be proactive in retaining legal representation.

While any Brooklyn family law attorney is likely to have some experience in representing clients in divorce proceedings, not all have the same background in understanding and appreciating the unique needs of fathers in marriage dissolution proceedings. Therefore, you do need to focus on finding an attorney that works with fathers in marriage dissolution, or paternity, cases.

At an initial consultation, you will be able to flesh out a lawyer’s background in not only divorce matters, but in representing fathers. You will obtain an overview of your case and you will be able to raise any questions you might have about your situation. As a general rule, there is not fee assessed for a preliminary meeting with a Brooklyn father’s rights lawyer.

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