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Brooklyn Prenuptial Attorneys

The decision to get married is one that many couples think about for a long time. People may be engaged for many years before deciding to get married. They may complete an education, begin a career and decide to buy a house. As they do so, they accumulate varied types of financial assets. If people later get married, these assets may be subject to sharing by the other member of the couple. In that instance, it may be best for both parties to do all they can to make sure their financial interests are maintained and protected as they get married. Having a good prenuptial agreement has many important advantages. It allows both parties come to the marriage confident that their financial interests will be protected no matter what happens going forward. It also allows both parties to make sure that they can trust the other party. When one party discloses all of their financial issues in advance this means that the other party is being open and honest before they get married. They are letting the other party know how about their assets in advance. Such honesty can serve as a great foundation for any marriage as it means that the other party understands how much they have and what they can contribute to the marriage.

Working it Out

Given the importance of such disclosure, it is useful to have this process in place as soon as possible. When people get engaged, now is the time to put such an agreement in place. This can be worked out in a few sessions with the help of a skilled Brooklyn prenuptial attorney. The attorney can advice them about what they need to disclose in the agreement and in detail. For example, if one person owns property in another state, the lawyer can show them what they need to state in writing to the other person. The same is true of all other financial assets. Any pensions or money that has come to them through an inheritance must also be carefully considered when creating a prenuptial agreement. The agreement should ideally also indicate other factors that are related to the partner’s situations as they choose to get married. A skilled lawyer can create the best possible document for all those who are planning to get married. They can also help them in other ways such as the decision to have children.

Specific Details

A good prenuptial agreement will also help with other aspects of the upcoming marriage. For example, it may spell out what is allowed depending on how long the marriage continues. A marriage of only a year or so may leave both parties willing to simply walk away. The prenuptial agreement lets one party keep their assets in the aftermath of a bad breakup. Both parties have what they need to avoid any longer term consequences for a relationship that was not mutually agreeable. The same is true of a longer relationship. If the marriage continues over a decade or longer, both parties may find their financial circumstances have changed. An agreement can recognize this face and make according adjustments that make sense to each member of the relationship. For example, if one party agrees to work while the other chooses to earn a medical or law school degree, the agreement can allow one party to claim part of the earnings of the other party as they have helped contribute to their ability to earn a degree and earn more money. This kind of agreement can cover many types of such circumstances in great and useful detail.

The Children

Any prenuptial agreement can also assist with any kind of childcare arrangements. If each member of the couple decides to bring a child into the relationship, the agreement can help with any kind of financial issues related to the care of the child if they decide to get a divorce. This is why it is important to get everything worked out in advance before getting married. A good attorney will listen to both parties and help them resolve any fiscal issues before they head down the aisle. This means that both parties can go into a marriage fully aware of what it means for them personally financially. It can also mean that both parties are fully clear what it means if the marriage is not working for them. A well-crafted prenuptial agreement is a great way to begin a marriage on the right foot

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