Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On August 7, 2018

Going Through a Divorce? Here’s How a Child Spousal Support Lawyer Can Help
The American Psychological Association estimates that at least 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, which means that if you’re going through a divorce, you aren’t alone. Marriages end for a variety of reasons, but whether or not your marriage ended on amicable terms, it’s important to realize that a NYC child spousal support lawyer can help you as you go through this process. Here’s what you need to know.
What is child and spousal support?
If you and your spouse separate, you’ll have to make some tough decisions regarding custody of your child or children. You’ll decide where the child will primary live, as well as how visitation for the other parent will work. Some parents choose to share custody evenly, while others choose to have the child primarily live with one parent and have visitation with the other.
In addition to physical custody, parents will also need to come to an agreement as to how legal custody will be shared. Sometimes, one parent will receive full physical custody of a child, but the parents will share legal custody. This means that both parents will have a say in where the child goes to school, what religion they are raised in, and how the child is cared for medically.
If you and your former spouse cannot come to an agreement as to how you’ll share custody, the courts will decide this for you. In addition to determining custody arrangements, a judge may also decide as to how child and spousal support payments will work.
When a divorce occurs, one partner may be required to pay alimony (sometimes called spousal support) and child support payments to the other spouse. Typically, the spouse who earns a higher income will pay the other party. If one spouse has full custody of the child, the non-custodial parent will typically pay the primary caregiver of the child. These payments are designed to ensure that the child does not suffer as the result of the divorce. The child should continue to retain the same lifestyle as much as possible, which is why these payments are so important.
How can an attorney help?
If you and your spouse are separating, you may want to speak with an attorney about your options for moving forward. You may choose to have separate attorneys, but some couples choose to share an attorney. If you and your partner are separating on amicable terms, you may find that sharing an attorney is fine.
Your attorney will be able to guide you through:

  • Filing your divorce paperwork
  • Legally separating
  • Custody options
  • Understanding custody payments
  • Separating your assets
  • Receiving counseling as a family

Your NYC child spousal support lawyer can assist you in understanding your options, rights, and obligations during this time. Even if you’ve never gone through a divorce before, you deserve to receive care and attention that helps you make the appropriate choices during this time. The right attorney can guide you through the process and can help ensure you receive the child support and alimony payments you are entitled to as part of your divorce settlement.
How can I find the right attorney?
When you’re ready to separate from your partner, make sure you don’t wait to reach out to an attorney. The right attorney can make an incredible difference in your divorce proceedings. They will help ensure you receive the appropriate information and the right care throughout the entire divorce process.
If you’re concerned about receiving child support or spousal support payments from your former partner, or if you’re the paying party and want to know more about your rights and obligations, don’t wait. Reach out to an attorney who can assist you in determining the way to move forward.