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What free New York Divorce and Family Law resources are on the web?

Finding resources that are useful for family law in New York can seem difficult; however, if you know of a few places in which to look, the process can become much easier. There are many New York statutes, and they are all extremely important, but the difficult part is that most of them are scattered across the internet. Most divorce lawyers and mediators are able to pay to have access to these statutes, which makes the process very simple for them. On the other hand, ordinary citizens may not have this privilege, and in those cases, finding free information is extremely useful. Listed below are a few sites that will prove to be useful if you are searching for family law and divorce resources in New York.
Like many sources of information, one site can have a tremendous amount of information. When it comes to New York statutes, the Cornell Law website is extremely useful. Here, you will find out about the Domestic Relations Law and the Family Court Act. The Domestic Relations Law deals with marriage, and the Family Court Act is centered on cases in Family Court. In addition to learning about these two statutes, you can also learn about the Civil Practice Law and Rules. Occasionally, you may have a difficult time locating legal professionals who can help with your case. This is where the Cornell Law website proves useful once again. You can find contact information for legal professionals, and you can find out about their areas of expertise.
Another great resource for family law in New York is At this website, you can find information about the decisions of specific cases. By seeing the decisions of past cases, you and your attorney will have a better idea of how to approach your case. In several instances, the cases have many similarities, and if you are able to access this material, it can prove to be positive for your case. Many lawyers and other legal professionals find this site helpful because they are able to access the large volume of information and tools pertaining to law.
On the site, E-courts is particularly useful. It is located at the top of the website, and it is one of the most frequently used tools on the site. This tool will allow you to see the schedule of cases, the lawyers who will be handling the cases, the courtroom in which they will be held, and the history of the cases. This will give you an opportunity to witness cases firsthand, and it will allow you to see any potential lawyers that you may have to face. It will also give you an opportunity to view your lawyer if he or she will be in the courtroom at that time. You can find out more information about Supreme Court cases and family court cases. This is done by clicking on WebCivil Supreme and Webfamily.
When it comes to divorce and family law, it is important to know about child support and maintenance payments. If you are not an attorney, it will be difficult finding this information. However, at the site, you can information about child support and maintenance by clicking on specific tools. The tools can give you an estimate of the amount of money that you will have to pay in child support or the amount of money you should expect to receive in child support payments. The spreadsheets that help with this are extremely useful. In order to find these tools, you simply need to go to the homepage and type in maintenance calculator.
There are times in which you will need to complete specific forms. While you may know the form that you need to complete, finding it on the internet can be difficult. Fortunately, at, you can find fillable forms that can be used in your legal case. By simply clicking on the Forms link, you can find a countless amount of useful forms. These include forms for child support, child custody, adoption, and other family law issues. If you are in the process of finalizing a divorce, then those forms can be found here as well.
When you need an attorney, there is no substitute for it. Therefore, you should not use these forms as a substitute for an attorney. The knowledge and experience of an attorney will prove to be invaluable when you are in the courtroom. You never want to face the courtroom alone. However, if you are able to gather this information before meeting with your attorney, it can help the two of you move the process along much quicker. When you are attempting to find the forms by yourself and not use the assistance of your attorney, you can become frustrated and waste a lot of time.

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