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A family is the center of happiness. At times things do not go as expected and divorce becomes mandatory. The right of both couples should be respected and treated with dignity. The case on its own can at times be emotional and quite devastating. The need to get an experienced and respectful lawyer is therefore mandatory to ensure the success of the same. Manhattan family law is a group dedicated to offering impeccable services to all its clients. Service delivered with the interest and needs of the client given the foremost priority.
Manhattan family law lawyers, found under the Queen’s county family lawyer was founded in 1976 and since then progressed and built its reputation in and out of Queens. The founder, Todd Spodek is frequently interviewed by various media station including NBC, wall street journal, and another primary channel. He has shared his knowledge of legal matters and specifically family issues. Engaging Manhattan family law lawyers is, therefore, an unregrettable decision, the valuable services you will get is beyond measure. The core mission of the company has remained to provide utmost satisfaction to all its clients. Todd Spodek, the founder, is considered as a top lawyer countrywide.
Why Choose us
Below are some of the reasons why you should trust the services offered by Manhattan Family lawyers:-
Ability to find hidden possessions- A spouse can sometimes own assets without the knowledge of the other. In such a case, the company has the highly qualified lawyer who can dig out all the information pertaining assets. The aggressiveness of the lawyers has seen success in most of the family disputes handled by the company. Where a divorce is necessary, both spouses, therefore, get a fair share and equality put on balance.
Professionalism- This is the core value of every company. Manhattan family lawyers are trained to maintain this virtue and giving well-measured expectations. The expectation is usually well calculated, measured to ensure the hope of the customer is not let down.
Payment plan- The company has put a flexible payment plan to cover all its clients. If you have enough to cover the whole cost or insufficient, the available methods are all stipulated to satisfy all your needs. The different payment plans do not mean that the level of services offered is sub-standard to some clients, no, top-notch services are provided without discrimination.
24/7 assistance- Whenever you need help, Manhattan family law lawyers are always available to offer divorce assistance all through the week. Feel free to contact or visit our offices for any queries.
A study on the trend on divorce cases has seen that the case can extend even up to several years. It is therefore paramount to consider the factors that may lead to the length of the situation.
Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces
In uncontested divorces, the partners agree to the terms of the divorce agreement before the final judgment. Such a case is therefore, likely to take a shorter time compared to contested divorces. In uncontested cases, the partners cannot agree on the terms before the final judgment consequently the situation is likely to take long.
The client is required to be patient and give the lawyers ample conducive time as they work on their cases. Different cases have different intensities prompting to the unusual measure of the time taken by the lawyer working on it.
Manhattan family law layers are trusted for their full services regarding respect, results and overall rating. The experience of the lawyers at the company serves as a proof of the expected results to every customer. Contact our offices for more information.

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