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Why you need a criminal defense lawyer instead of a public defender

When you find yourself facing criminal charges, it is critical to have legal representation so that you can protect your rights under the law. You will need to choose between a free public defender and a private criminal defense lawyer for your legal counsel. Consider these reasons why you need a criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Work With a Lawyer Who Knows Your Case
Criminal defense lawyers take the time to research your case. They may reach out to witnesses on your behalf, securing them to function as defense witnesses in court. A criminal defense lawyer will not typically usher you into a plea agreement. The lawyer works to understand the details of what happened and the crimes of which you are accused. By gaining a complete level of understanding, the private criminal defense lawyer provides you with the necessary foundation and a solid strategy for defending yourself against felony charges.

Enjoy Easy and Regular Communications
Public defenders may not have the time to communicate with you about your case. In many jurisdictions, public defenders may handle 800 or more felony cases each year. This leaves little time for personalized communications. When you choose a criminal defense lawyer, you receive easy access to communications. The criminal defense lawyer may visit you in the jail or call you in order to give you updates about your case. With your permission, the lawyer may also communicate directly with your family members so that they can be kept in the loop.

Receive Consistent Legal Representation
Criminal defense lawyers provide you with consistent legal representation. The lawyer sticks with you and your case from start to finish. The lawyer may visit you in jail until your court dates and be present during all court hearings. With public defender representation, the defender assigned to you may not be available to attend your court hearings. The defender might send someone else from the public defender’s office, and that attorney would not necessarily be familiar with your situation. Inconsistency of representation could be harmful to your case.

Access Different Legal Strategies
Criminal defense lawyers have more time to formulate a range of different legal strategies for your case. They are able to limit their workload to a manageable level, which allows for enough time to provide you with thorough legal representation. A private criminal defense lawyer is less likely to be overworked and overwhelmed with cases and defendants. When you choose to work with a private criminal defense lawyer, you benefit from the individualized representation that takes all of the nuances of your case into account. A criminal defense lawyer works out a plan of action based on their experience, your background and the precedent of similar cases in the court where your hearings take place.

Gain Access to More Legal Resources and Experience
Public defenders represent people accused of all types of felony charges. This results in a sort of jack of all trades, master of none situation. A public defender assigned to you might not have a lot of experience with defendants accused of the type of crime you are charged with. Selecting a private criminal defense lawyer means that you can choose an attorney that focuses on representing clients accused of a particular type of felony.

Public defenders are hard-working and capable attorneys, but they do not offer the same level of attention and planning that a private lawyer provides to you. Seeking your own criminal defense lawyer gives you more resources for defending yourself in court. You will feel confident in your decision to choose a criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

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