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Legal matters are never fun and should always be taken seriously. This is especially true for matters in which you could end up going to jail for. However, for issues that don’t pose the threat of jail time, such as alimony issues, it is still highly advisable to consult a lawyer for help. They know the ins and outs of the law where alimony is concerned and can make sure you know what your rights are and what you should be entitled to. Never try to take on a legal matter without the help of a professional. Hiring an alimony lawyer can be the difference between getting what you deserve and getting nothing. Below is some more information about what alimony is and why you should consult with a reputable attorney for help with your case.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony is also sometimes referred to as spousal support. It is the maintenance that is paid monetarily from one spouse to the other after getting a divorce. It is set to help the spouse who earned much less get through the length of the divorce and a set amount of time afterward stay financially afloat until being able to support themselves successfully. In the last ten or more years, courts are beginning to shy away from giving much time and effort to alimony issues within divorce cases. For cases where the marriage lasted less than ten years, it is rare for a spouse to receive any amount of alimony. For marriages which lasted longer than ten years, it is typically granted automatically unless one spouse is able to earn the same as the other. No matter what the alimony is set at, it is typically terminated on a specific date pre-set during the divorce proceedings.

Laws Regarding Alimony

The laws regarding alimony will vary from case to case. It depends on things like the state you reside in, how long you have been married and the income of each spouse. Not all former spouses will be able to get alimony during a divorce. In many instances, a spouse will only have a good chance of getting awarded alimony if they are unable to meet their needs without any financial help from the other spouse who is able to afford it. Spousal support is usually just a temporary set-up. It gives the receiving spouse a chance to get themselves on track financially and either get back into the job market or brush up on marketing skills.

How An Alimony Attorney Can Help You

An alimony lawyer can be worth the time and investment required. They know all of the laws regarding alimony and can help represent you when you are working to negotiate your support needs with your spouse throughout the divorce process. If your spouse is unwilling to negotiate with you on your spousal support, a lawyer can help you out and work to get you what you deserve. If you already have a divorce lawyer, you might still need to hire the help of an alimony attorney. Always check with your divorce lawyer to see if they offer alimony services or not.

What Is Expected From Working With An Alimony Lawyer?

Most alimony lawyers can help you work towards getting an amount of spousal support you can be comfortable with. If you have a prenuptial agreement to work around, a lawyer can also work at finding a way around that if it is possible. In some cases, alimony negotiations can get out of hand. With the help of an alimony attorney, you will have someone available to help mediate the whole situation in order to get a resolution as quickly as possible.

Going through divorce can be a long and stressful process. If you are wanting to get spousal support of any amount, it is in your best interest to consult with a reputable alimony attorney to help you get what is rightly due to you.

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