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Family drama is fun and games until it becomes a legal issue. Then it’s not thing to laugh at. If you are experiencing custody, relocation, separation, divorce or other family related issues, you need an NYC family lawyer who can help you come to the best resolution for your family. Family law includes:

  • Adoption law
  • Child custody law
  • Protective orders / Order of Protection
  • Prohibited marriage / annulment law
  • Stalking and harassment law
  • Abortion law
  • Cases related to child abuse or neglect
  • Paternity law / father’s rights
  • Marital property law
  • Divorce law
  • Child support law
  • Spousal support law / maintenance awards

If you’re experiencing one or a few of the above issues, finding a practice that specializes in family law can help you manage all your legal issues. This way, you won’t be hoping from practice to practice to discuss your family or marriage agreements. While there are many forms and documents that allow you to “do it yourself” here are a few reasons your legal family matters to the professionals:

Family lawyers have done this before

While it may be your first divorce or custody battle, experienced family lawyers have navigated these issues many times before. Also, your lawyer is a third party. They are able to make clear, logical decisions about what’s best for your family, from a legal perspective. They can anticipate issues they’ve seen arise with their other clients and help you avoid costly or sad mistakes in the future. They’re also well aware of the rights you have, and there may be some uncommon laws you don’t know about that could make a big difference for your family.

Family lawyers have a responsibility to protect you

And they take this responsibility seriously. Family lawyers are committed to defending their client’s interests. If you have a child support or spousal support case, your family lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure you are protected financially. If you want to prove paternity and set up visitation with your child, a family lawyer specializing in father’s rights can help. If you are in danger of physical harm, a family lawyer can help you secure an Order of Protection and give you tips on how the order will be enforced.

Family lawyers have families, too

It’s a common misconception that family lawyers, especially divorce lawyers, are sharks after assets. Many family lawyers understand that the issues a family experiences are emotional, sad and stressful. As professionals, they will maintain their stone-cold game faces. But know that they’re not judging you; they’re fighting for you. And your family deserves the best lawyer for the job.

Family lawyers want a peaceful resolution

If you’re pursing adoption, custody, visitation or another child-related issue, your family lawyer will not rest until the issue is resolved. There’s nothing worse than a child being put in a system of legal limbo that is unfair and unhealthy. This is never your family lawyer’s goal. Instead, they will seek to peacefully resolve these issues.

Family law doesn’t have to be an ugly thing. A good family lawyer will help you create a legal agreement that works. If you have children, your family lawyer will fight to ensure your parental rights are respected. Instead of thinking of your family lawyer as one part of a bad equation, think of your family lawyer as your partner in bringing your family closer together. Whether it’s for adoption, a will, custody, a divorce, or another reason, a family lawyer will mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

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