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What You Should Know About How NYC Father’s Rights Lawyers Can Help You

One of the biggest concerns for newly separated or divorced men is how to continue to have a strong relationship with your children. With a divorce, there is likely to be a change of living situation, but this does not have to cause your relationship with your children to suffer. Father’s rights exist to help men continue to have a strong presence in their children’s lives and ensure they have equal time with children.

What Kinds of Rights Do Fathers Have?
Divorce and family law have come a long way since the days when it was assumed that a mother was automatically the better parent. Today, fathers are viewed as equally important in a child’s development and care from birth through adulthood. Research has shown that the influence of a father can make a significant difference for children of both genders, and if a father wants to be involved in his children’s lives, all he needs is the right lawyer to help guide him through the process. Fathers can seek primary custody or a shared time agreement that works for both parties to minimize any back and forth. There is no need to be limited to seeing your kids every other weekend or school breaks. With the right agreement, you can continue to see your children daily, coach their sports teams and take them to special celebrations.

In addition to visitation, a father has an equal right to be present in the decisions that pertain to a child’s daily life. If you feel you have been cut out of the process of making important decisions, such as where your children will attend school or how they will spend the holidays, seeking out enforcement of your father’s rights through the family court is possible. These issues can be decided and put on paper so there is no confusion about how they will be handled when they arise.

Get Advice From a Qualified Father’s Rights Lawyer
There are many misconceptions out there about how custody and family law work, based on anecdotal experience and knowledge of outdated laws. Your bid for custody or visitation may not play out in the same way as a friend or family member’s did in the past. Even if you had a contentious divorce, this may have little or no bearing on whether you can see your children. With an experienced lawyer to help you prove you are a fit parent and a good influence on your kids, there is no reason to miss out on holidays and special occasions simply because you are not married to your ex-wife anymore. Family court can help you put a plan in place that includes equal time with you and your relatives on holidays and significant days to you.

Consulting with an experienced father’s rights lawyer is the only way to know for sure what your rights as a father are and how to get them enforced by the family court. Each case can be different when it comes to divorce and family law. Only an experienced family law lawyer can tell you the best way to proceed if you want to seek more time with your children. A divorce lawyer can help advise you on important points such as:
• What kind of visitation or custody should you seek?
• Will you need to go to court, and what can you expect when you get there?
• How can you get time with your children on holidays and school breaks?
• How much child support can you expect to pay?
• What important decisions can you ask to be involved in?

Even if you have already been to court or finalized a divorce agreement, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Family court ultimately seeks to help children have the best relationship possible with both parents, so as long as you can demonstrate that you are a fit parent, the right lawyer can help you see more of your kids. If you have had a change in living situation, job or can demonstrate more stability than before, you may be able to seek a modification of your current agreement and more time with your children. A family law lawyer can advise you on what forms to file and how long it may take to see a change in the current custody agreement.

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