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NYC Fathers Rights Lawyers

It can be very difficult to understand your legal rights as a father. Mothers used to automatically get custody of children because of the tender years doctrine. This is not the case anymore, but fathers still have to battle to get the outcome they desire and deserve.

You may feel hesitant to hire an NYC fathers rights lawyer due to the cost. But it’s far too risky not to hire an attorney for divorce and custody proceedings. Investing in legal help now can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Before you go to court, consider the importance of finding a good lawyer.

Statistics About Fathers Rights And Child Custody

Start by taking a look at facts related to fathers rights. Statistics show that only 17.5 percent of custodial parents are fathers. This shockingly low rate is a prime example of how the legal system can work. Even in modern times, it’s common for family courts to side with mothers.

One study even shows that children statistically have better experiences when fathers have custody. The same study reports that there are no proven benefits to mothers having custody of same-sex children. This data goes against the negative stereotypes about fathers being custodial parents.

Fathers Rights Threatened Even Without Pursuing Custody

If you don’t intend to pursue custody, that’s perfectly acceptable. You want to make the best choices for your children. But you still need a lawyer even if you aren’t the custodial parents. Again, this is because of legal bias against fathers.

Many fathers want plenty of family time with their children. Divorced parents can struggle to agree on this topic. If you don’t have custody of your children, your input about family time may not be considered. Your input about medical decisions and your child’s overall well-being may be dismissed.

Scenarios where fathers don’t have a voice are truly unacceptable. And without a lawyer, you can’t pursue the best possible outcomes. Legal terms and court proceedings can be complicated and difficult to understand. This makes it absolutely crucial to hire a fathers rights lawyer even if you don’t intend to pursue custody.

What A NYC Fathers Rights Lawyer Can Do

You may be wondering exactly what a fathers right lawyer does. Overall, their duty is to protect your rights regardless of your situation. Every father deserves to have their voice heard. And there’s so much more to family court than determining custody. Your NYC fathers rights lawyer can help:

  • set a balanced visitation schedule
  • ensure that child support rulings are fair
  • make legal modifications to any agreements in place
  • defend you if domestic violence scenarios or accusations arise
  • pursue or fight restraining orders

These are just a few examples of the invaluable services your attorney can provide. You should never make informal decisions out of court regarding your children. Without going through legal proceedings, informal agreements are often considered invalid. Your fathers rights lawyer will aggressively work to ensure that every decision made holds merit.

Tips For Choosing A NYC Fathers Rights Lawyer

Finding the best possible lawyer is crucial for you as a father. You want legal assistance from a professional, determined, and experienced attorney. Don’t hesitate to consult with a few fathers rights lawyers. It is important to get legal representation quickly. But you also want to choose someone that you can trust.

Consider writing down a list of questions to ask lawyers during consultations. A quality attorney will gladly provide you with the information you want. Getting answers can help you confidently make a prompt decision.

It’s also important to be factual and honest during consultations. This is certainly an emotional time for you as a father. But legal proceedings will be based on the facts, so your lawyer needs to know them. It may be helpful to write down an outline of your situation before a consultation.

The Legal Help You Need Is Awaiting You

You’re undoubtedly feeling uncertain and overwhelmed, and you want to do what is right for your children. It is your lawyer’s duty to fight for your best interest. No matter what has happened, you have many legal rights as a father. Help is right around the corner – start the process with an NYC fathers rights lawyer now.

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