NYC Modification of Visitation Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On November 1, 2020

Matters pertaining to child visitation can be extremely complex, and there may come a time when those orders need to be modified. When the one parent has been given sole custody and the other parent can only visit the child based on a custody order, there might be instances where a modification that will benefit the child are in order.

These are a few of those circumstances where a skilled NYC modification of visitation lawyer will help get the desired result.

Keeping the Child Out of Danger
Whether the child has expressed concerns about being with the parent or you have seen signs that child abuse is taking place, the court takes the endangerment of a child very serious. If you suspect the child is being placed in harm’s way when with the parent who has visitation rights, speaking with the NYC modification of visitation lawyer is the chance of getting the order approved in a timely manner. These type instances are escalated quickly because the child is at immediate risk, so you would want the local attorney on the job to present the order in a way that gets the desired result quickly.

Regardless if the child has expressed concern for their safety or the other parent has been exhibiting signs of increased anger towards the child, a modification of the visitation rights will help protect the child while the circumstances are further investigated.

Coming to Amicable Terms
Perhaps a significant of time has passed since the first visitation orders were handed down. Maybe since that time, the child has grown, the parents have moved on with new relationships, and significant healing has occurred. Now that both parents are talking more and not trying to use the child as a pawn to hurt one another, it might be time to loosen up those restrictions concerning the supervised visitations. Your NYC modification of visitation lawyer could draw up papers that show both parties feel that is would be in the interest of the child to allow one parent to have more time with the child.

Although these cases are certainly not the norm, there does come a time in the lives of the parents where they realize it would benefit the child to have equal time with each parent. Modifying these terms and presenting them to the judge by way of a skilled modification lawyer ensures the chances of this happening for the family.

Relocation of a Parent
The relocation of one of the parents will certain be reason to consider modifying the visitation agreement. Just because one parent is moving does not guarantee the courts will rule in their favor, there are a number of things the judge will want to consider. Is the parent leaving to make it harder for the other parent to see the child? Is the move going to disrupt the schooling of the child? Have both parents considered making arrangements to alter the visitation schedule for the of the child?

The NYC modification of visitation lawyer will collect all the information and present it in a way to the court so that the for the child is considered. Usually if both parties are working together for the better of the child, these modifications are granted more easily.

Ignoring the Visitation Schedule
There are some parents who are so annoyed with the other parent for filing the visitation order in the first place that they do everything possible to make things difficult for their ex-spouse. Perhaps they show up late for their visitation with the child, bring the child back late, or never show up at all on their appointed dates. There can be instances where the parent who has the visitation is showing up at the house with their new partner in an effort to instigate a fight.

Collecting this information and showing the NYC modification of visitation lawyer that this issue is only hurting the child can often result in the request being granted. When the parent who was afforded the visitation rights is only using this time to further hurt their former spouse, then action needs to be taken because the child is basically being used as a pawn to help make the other person uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that there are more than just these instances for wanting a modification to visitation orders. NYC modification of visitation lawyers understand all the complexities of these cases and will be able to help give you several options that work in your unique situation.