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Same-sex marriage was legalized in New York State in July of 2011. If you are one of the individuals who has entered into a same-sex marriage since then and if you are now thinking about a divorce, you could be wondering what to do. Just as there might have been added challenges involved in getting married in the first place, you might be concerned that there will be additional concerns for you to worry about when getting divorced.

Of course, any divorce lawyer in New York should be able to help you with your divorce. However, choosing an attorney who has experience in handling same-sex divorces in NYC might be the better idea. These are a few reasons why.

Avoid Judgement

For one thing, as someone who is involved in a same-sex marriage, you might have unfortunately encountered judgement and other issues since you have been in your relationship. The last thing that you want to worry about when working with a lawyer and going through a divorce is feeling as if you are being judged for being involved in a same-sex relationship.

If you choose an attorney who doesn’t regularly handle these cases, then this might be something that you have to worry about. If you choose a lawyer who regularly works with individuals in same-sex marriages, though, you will not have to worry as much about being judged or looked at in a different manner from all of the other clients. This can help you feel more comfortable and help you feel as if you’re getting better legal representation, both of which are very important when you’re going through something that is this serious and important.

Get Help With Civil Union Dissolutions

Even though same-sex marriage has been legal in New York for several years now, you and your partner might not have ever gotten legally married. For example, the two of you might have formed a civil union in the days when same-sex marriage was not yet legal.

If you are involved in a civil union and not a same-sex marriage, you may still have a lot of concerns that someone who is getting a divorce might have. You might be concerned about the division of the property that you and your partner have accumulated during your relationship, and you might need help with child custody matters.

A lawyer who has experience in helping individuals in same-sex relationships should have experience with civil unions and should be able to help you through the process. Civil unions might not be an area of expertise for attorneys who don’t work with same-sex couples very often.

Get Assistance with Matters Related to Children

You and your spouse or partner might have children in your relationship. They might have been adopted, or they might have been biologically conceived. You could be concerned that there will be additional things for you to worry about in regards to child custody and child support when you’re going through a same-sex divorce. A NYC same-sex divorce lawyer who has experience in working with same-sex couples can help fight for your rights as a parent, even if you are not the biological parent of your children.

Make Sure Assets are Distributed Fairly

Because same-sex marriages are still relatively new in New York, matters can sometimes be more complicated when it comes to the assets that are involved in same-sex marriages. For example, if you and your now-spouse were living together as a married couple long before same-sex marriages were legalized in New York, then matters can be complicated when it comes to determining who gets what asset in your marriage.

These matters can get messy in any divorce, but they can be even messier in this type of situation. It is important to fight for what is legally and rightfully yours, though. To avoid losing the material possessions that are most important to you, it’s essential to work with a skilled and experienced NYC same-sex divorce lawyer.

As you might realize, there are some additional concerns that those who are getting divorced in a same-sex marriage do have to worry about that other couples might not have to stress over. Of course, hiring the right team of NYC same-sex divorce lawyers to help with your case will make a big difference. Then, you can get help with your divorce or with the dissolution of your civil union so that you can work toward moving on with your life.

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