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Sadly, in divorce proceedings, sometimes allegations of abuse and neglect will come up. In some cases, the issues is fabricated by a scorned spouse, but in some cases it could be true. The bottom line is, this type of charge is very serious and could land you in a great deal of trouble. If you are going through a divorce and such allegations are made against you, the time to put it to a halt is now. Find a reputable and experienced abuse and neglect lawyer to handle your case. An attorney will do everything in their power to get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

Types of Abuse and Neglect Allegations:

  • Sexual abuse and punishment
  • Physical abuse or excessive punishment
  • Denial of Medicare
  • Emotional abuse

Under New York law, a child abuse claim can lead to other serious charges like endangering the welfare of a minor and even assault. If a parent is accused of abuse and neglect, it can have very damaging effects of the family’s overall relationship. Most family court judges will be very reluctant to grand either custody or visitation to an individual who has been accused of harming a child. If you are in a position where you child is a victim of abuse, get an attorney immediately. It is the only way you can keep the child safe. A veteran abuse and neglect attorney will help you understand what you will be facing. They will also make every effort to clear preserve the rights of you and your child.

If your child tells you they have suffered abuse at the other parent’s hands, you need to act immediately. This is not something you can merely sit on. Also, it should be noted that if a mother is being abused and allows her child to suffer abuse, they can also be charged. If the mother feels that she and her children need protection, it will be supplied for them. An order of protection will be issued, which must be followed by the abusive parent.

In New York, The Administration for Children’s Services is the chief investigating party when abuse allegations take place. On the flip side, if those allegations have been made against you, you have the right to protect yourself if you are innocent. The best thing to do is contact a good defense attorney immediately.

Crimes against children is very serious. Sadly, in most cases, there is a presumption of guilt rather than the other way around. You will need someone on your side who can present your defense in an effective manner. There are times when prosecutors and investigators will twist your words in order to make you seem guilty. Never speak with an investigator or anyone else without a lawyer at your side.

A child abuse case can lead to many bad things such as loss of custody or visitation and jail time. Do not attempt to speak for yourself on such matters. Even if you are innocent, you could get yourself convicted for something you did not do based solely on misconstrued things you have said. Call an experienced abuse and neglect lawyer today for a free consultation. Get the proper representation to help you fight for your rights.

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