Queens County Child Support Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On July 14, 2017

Divorce is hard on everyone. It is tough on you, your ex, and your respective families. It is especially hard on your children. Breaking up the only home they’ve ever known will have consequences on their mental and emotional health. That is why it is better to try and sort out the custody arrangements in a way that puts their needs first.
If divorce is a decision that you and your ex-partner arrived at in a calm and amicable way, you may find some advantage in coming to a custody arrangement through a process of mediation rather than a court proceeding.
The number of mediations has soared in the last decade or so, as more divorcing couples have opted for a less expensive and harmful way of splitting up. The process involves the two of you working through issues and coming to resolutions in a calm and rational way. Child custody and support can be part of those discussions. It is one that many people opt for because it tends to result in a more reasonable result. You should have an experienced child custody lawyer by your side as you go through the mediation process.
If you are going through a divorce that is more difficult, then you will have even greater need for an attorney experienced in handling child custody and support cases. A hard and more emotionally tense break-up requires more vigilance. You must do what is necessary to preserve and protect your parental rights. It is also important that the material needs of the child be looked after.
Although your child will need a great deal of support and nurturing as they grow up in a divorced family, the needs of their everyday life and future education should not be neglected. A divided household is not as financially and materially robust as a joint household. The custody and support arrangements you seek should reflect that.
Whether you are seeking sole custody or joint custody, you must ensure that enough money is coming into your home so that your child is properly looked after. That is why you must hire a lawyer with extensive experience and expertise handling these kinds of cases.
Getting a fair and just child custody arrangement is all about strategy. The attorney you hire must know the law of course; but more than that, they must be skilled in their ability to bring the circumstances of the case to bear.
If you are able to avert a child custody trial, then the arrangement will be made through negotiation. The attorney you hire should be good in the room. They will represent you as you battle to protect your interests, and so they must know how to get the attorneys on your ex’s side of the table to yield. In determining whether the lawyer you’re thinking about hiring can do this, first impressions matter. The more important way of assessing their strengths is to do independent research. This will give you a sense of their record and reputation for getting favorable results for their clients.
A custody and support case that goes to trial requires a different set of skills. Family court judges are genuinely interested in doing what is for the child of divorced couples. The cases in which one parent is suing for sole custody are usually the ones that go before a judge. If you are that parent, the speaking and argumentation style of your attorney must be one that demonstrates conclusively that your child is better off with you. Only certain lawyers have the skill and experience to perform in such a situation. You must take steps to ensure that yours is one of them.