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When a couple gets divorced or deals with other circumstances that put custody and visitation on the line, there are a lot of factors that come into play. One little spoken about facet of family law revolves around grandparents rights. If you are a grandmother or grandfather who wants to retain visitation or custody access to a child in your life, you will need to touch base with a legal professional near you that can provide help. To do this, Todd Spodek is a great professional that deals with divorces in New York and every other facet of family law under the sun — to include grandparents rights.
To learn more about grandparents rights, read on.
#1: Find out some information about grandparents rights in New York
Any time you are considering taking a case to court, your first step should be to research as much about the law as you can. If you are a grandparent in the state of New York, you have legal grounds to seek court sanctioned grandchild visitation. You can file this claim with your local Family Court, and the petition will be heard as long as you can pass the criteria as outlined by the state of New York.
For example, in New York, you have rights to visitation if a parent or both parents are deceased, you had a meaningful relationship with your grandchild prior to divorce or life change, or if any of the parents have unfairly kept you from your grandchild. Getting in touch with a grandparents rights attorney will help you with this claim.
#2: Figure out what avenue you want to travel with litigation
When you are pressing forward with a legal case for grandparents rights, decide what sort of strategy you plan to employ. For example, one grandparent might be seeking full custody of a child after a life change, while another just wishes for a parent to stop interfering in their rights to see the child periodically. Since you bear the burden of proof, you and your attorney will put together evidence which will uphold the visitation or custody claim. By knowing what you seek in advance, you and your attorney will be on the same page.
#3: Hire a law firm to assist you
Contacting a legal firm that specializes in grandparents right is an excellent way for you to get legal assistance that will uphold your claim. Doing business with Todd Spodek and his law firm is an excellent step toward making sure that you have the right to see your grandchild with the legal backing to show for it. His law firm is among the best in New York City for all matters of family law.
By knowing Todd Spodek and allowing his firm to represent you, you are just a few steps away from getting representation that will support you accordingly.
Taking heed to the three tips in this article will let you as a grandparent maintain a relationship in your grandchild’s life, despite any circumstances involving their parents. The state of New York has specific legal code that explains these rights and you can contact Todd Spodek whenever you need further legal help. Contact this law firm if you are a grandparent in need of a grandparents rights lawyer in the Queens area.

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