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In order to deal with a child custody case, it is very important that you know and understand every matter involved. One of the main matters that takes place in child custody court is the prospect of one parent choosing to relocate. While adults have legal the right to move wherever they please, custodial parents may have their move disputed in court, or may have to petition the court for permission to leave the area.
By following the tips in this article, you will be able to not only hire a Queens relocation lawyer that can serve you, but also empower you take matters into your own hands.
#1: Make sure that proper notice is given
In the state of New York, a custodial parent must provide the courts with appropriate notice if they intend to relocate. This way, a hearing can be scheduled for both parents to speak their piece and to relay any pertinent information. In most cases, at least two months notice must be given before a custodial parent is granted a hearing that would permit them to locate out of the area.
The noncustodial parent has specific rights and will be able to answer the hearing to stake their claim, along with bringing in the help of a Queens relocation lawyer that can provide assistance.
If you are the noncustodial parent and the custodial parent moved while neglecting to provide notice, you might have a strong case and will need to notify the courts as soon as possible. A Queens lawyer will also have an understanding of the nuanced details of the law and can represent you accordingly.
#2: Come up with agreements out of court if possible
If possible, you and the other parent should meet outside of court to come up with a compromise or agreement regarding the relocation. This is best for both parties and allows for a cleaner and less hostile process. You can feel free to have your lawyers present in order to draw of an agreement in writing which can be filed in court without either of you having to go through a lengthy proceedings in front of a judge.
#3: Hire a lawyer that is skilled and who practices in Queens
The most important part of relocation law is making sure that you have done your work in order to bring in a capable attorney. Bringing in a Queens and relocation attorney allows you to expedite the entire process and move toward some semblance of an agreement. Todd Spodek And the attorneys at his law firm have 50 years of experience in relocation cases and all other types of child custody arrangements.
You can hire Todd Spodek when you require this sort of service to make sure that all of your rights are protected and that both parents are able to do whatever is the best interests of the family. Schedule a consultation with him to learn more information.
By taking advantage of the three tips presented, you will have the chance to get representation to defend your rights. Whether you are the custodial parent or are attempting to keep your child closer to you, getting the courts involved requires tact and proper information. Make the best use of this information and contact a Queens relocation lawyer that can help you out.

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