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Our spousal support lawyers are available to help Queens residents determine a fair amount of spousal support in their divorce arrangement. We’ve got four big decades of combined experience to use for your purpose. It’s our sincere belief that our legal representation is something we can truly be proud of. With work on thousands of spousal support cases, we know exactly how to communicate with the court and mediate on your behalf so that you get an outcome you’re happy to live with.
Divorce law is as tricky as any type of practice area can get, especially in the sensitive area of spousal support. Alimony is something that is determined by length of marriage, combined incomes, and standard of living during the marriage. In some cases, a spouse has given up a livelihood of their own to stay at home and take care of children. When divorce proceedings begin, they unfairly have to worry about how much money they will have to live on for the rest of the proceedings and of course, the rest of their life.
Our lawyers aggressively fight for spouses who have given up their own careers to stay at home and take care of the marriage in this non-compensation fashion. When divorce raises its ugly head, we’re there to make sure that the spouse who stayed at home gets a fair amount of compensation to continue their standard of living after the divorce.
On the flip side of this scenario is a spouse who is unfairly strained to pay alimony payments that strain their own standard of living. In these cases, we’re more than happy to review the income and circumstances of the alimony and negotiate a fairer amount of monthly compensation with the other spouse. It’s our goal to at all times be professional in every moment of these proceedings and make sure that each spouse feels heard and understood by not just their own lawyers but by the court and even each other.
Divorces are extremely emotional times for both parties. When we represent someone on the issue of spousal support, we are sure to listen fully to our clients and let them know that they are understood. We go to great lengths to explain the law to them, about how alimony is determined state by state and sometimes the rules vary. When there are misunderstandings, we go over the areas of interest again until our clients feel fully vindicated and understood. Then we do what is best for them in a court of law.
If you have been denied alimony, need to seek alimony, or want to negotiate a fairer amount of alimony, we are here to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re going to represent you aggressively. Don’t forget that many of our attorneys were former prosecutors. We know how to aggressively represent your needs. Thousands of cases have taught us how to successfully negotiate spousal support agreements to the satisfaction of both parties. Give us a call today and let us handle your spousal support case. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure that you get a fair agreement with the court. You’ll be glad you gave us a call after you hear what our attorneys have to say.

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