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Fathers should understand when it comes to custody issues that they have rights. For some reason over the years, their seems to be some unspoken rule that men only have limited rights and they should never attempt to get custody or challenge visitation because they will lose. This is not correct. There are a number of men out there who are excellent fathers. They should have their rights protected under the law. If you are a father who feels that his rights have been violated, contact a father’s rights lawyer immediately. They will be able to get you the justice you deserve when you have been unjustly kept from your child.

There are many qualified fathers out there who should be prepared to fight for custody. If you have been a constant influence in your child’s life you have just as much right to have joint or even full custody of your child. You will need a good attorney who will fight hard to see that your rights are not violated. A father’s rights attorney can help.

Sadly, over the years, the rights of men in custody proceedings have been ignored for years. When it comes to custody and child support, about 99% of the time, the mother would get custody. If a man ever won custody, the woman had to have done something really bad like strung out on drugs, alcohol, abused or neglected the children or worse. The courts would automatically favor the woman and there was not much he could do about it.

The right custody lawyer can definitely help if you want custody over your children. Fathers play a very active role in their children’s lives. Even in cases when custody is not awarded, they should play a significant role in what goes in with their children. Over the years, a number of organizations have come to the aid of fathers. The courts are now doing much more to help fathers stay in the lives of their children.

According to statistics, about 24 million children have fathers absent from their lives. This could be for a variety of reasons — incarceration, living in a different state, deceased or unfortunately, some are deadbeats, who have no interest in parenting. Regardless of the statistics, there are millions of men who want the opportunity to be in their child’s life. It this is the case, and you feel that you haven’t received fair treatment, call a father’s rights attorney for help.

In a study conducted by the National Center for Education, over 20,000 parents were interviewed about the affect of the fathers being in the child’s life. It showed that the vast majority of children with fathers actively participating in their lives had better grades, stayed out of trouble and were involved in extracurricular activities.

If you are a father and would like to have more information about parental rights, contact a father’s rights attorney. Not only will they represent you to the fullest, they can also put you in contact with other important resources. There is also a Father’s Rights Association in New York. This organization is run by lawyers who can properly represent you. But it is advised to seek out representation of any lawyer who is experienced in such matters. Call for a free consultation today.

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