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We have many different reasons why sometimes we need to relax and enjoy ourselves through the consumption of alcoholic beverages. However, if you don’t drink responsibly, then you could face legal consequences for your choice. A typical DUI charge can affect or eliminate your current driving privileges and include jail time, fines, community service, and other penalties. Some defendants even have to attend counseling or other rehabilitative services to ensure that they won’t become repeat offenders.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer
When you’ve been arrested for DUI or Driving Under the Influence, you will have many questions. It will be tempting to look online for advice or to take pointers from someone you know who has already been convicted of a DUI offense. However, advice from a former defendant does not substitute for real legal advice. You need to seek the legal advice of a specialist in drunk driving charges. A good lawyer will help you to decrease the effects of a DUI charge, including getting your case reduced to a lesser charge and/or avoiding the heavier penalties and consequences inherent in driving under the influence. Knowing when you should seek the services of a DUI attorney could constitute the difference between serving jail time and losing the driving privilege in your state and getting a lesser plea or being found not guilty. 

When You Need a DUI Lawyer
Honestly, not every defendant will need a lawyer. He or she may know the legal process and be able to talk to the the judge about the case and secure a favorable result. That being said, most people lack the legal experience to navigate the criminal justice system. Getting charged with a DUI is a serious legal matter that you shouldn’t ignore. Don’t just go to court and take your chances in front of the judge. If you’ve been arrested for this type of charge, you could lose your license and have to pay money to resolve the matter. Some offenders even get longer jail time, especially if they have prior drunk driving convictions or other criminal offenses on record. A DUI conviction could affect your future, including being able to transport yourself to and from work and to pass background checks required for certain types of jobs. You may also find that certain people will not associate with you personally once they become aware of your criminal history upon being convicted of this serious charge. Finally, if your actions while under the influence of alcohol caused seriously bodily injury or death to another party, you could get a longer sentence and receive negative publicity in the local news. Don’t risk all of the negative effects on your life of a DUI conviction. 

What to Look For
Not every prospective attorney that you could hire will have the right knowledge to resolve your legal matter. An attorney should have a good grap of state and local traffic laws, motor vehicle statutes, and the appropriate use of ignition interlock devices. A decent attorney knows how to legally challenge the various aspects of your case in course. This includes questioning the results obtained by law enforcement through the use of blood tests, breathalyzer machines, and other chemical tests. Certain procedures must be followed to use any results of these types of exams against you in a court of law. You want an experienced attorney who has handled many cases involving DUI or driving under another type of impairment. Each lawyer should be able to communicate his or her knowledge or experience related to similar traffic offenses. If a DUI lawyer is not adept enough to answer your legal questions to your satisfaction, you should not hire him or her for representation. You need to find another attorney with a greater an ility to aggressively defend your rights as a potential offender.

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